Why Choose Us

At Woodruff Road Animal Hospital, it is our mission to provide compassionate, personalized veterinary care for our clients and their beloved pets in order to strengthen the human-animal bond and service the community at large.

Team Values

We believe in the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". We try our utmost to practice courtesy, respect, patience and sincerity with everyone, including our veterinary associates, our clients, our vendors, and the animals we work with.

Pet Focus

"The most important aspect of our practice is the relationship we build with our clients and their pets", says Dr. Deborah Perzak, who purchased Woodruff Road Animal Hospital (WRAH) in 2008.

While Dr. Perzak has moved on, her legacy of pet-focused dedication endures through our passionate and skilled team. We continue to provide a comprehensive range of services catering to dogs and cats, embodying a commitment to great care and well-being. Our emphasis on preventive medicine, nutritional counseling, and weight management reflects a steadfast dedication to the overall health of our furry patients.

Our role as veterinarians is akin to being advocates for voiceless creatures, a responsibility we uphold with utmost compassion and empathy. Our ongoing mission at WRAH is to nurture and safeguard the enduring bond between pets and their devoted owners, ensuring that every stage of their companionship is met with unwavering support and expertise.